Students at CodeCraft’s bootcamps spend weeks learning the skills of full-stack web development. From functions to arrays, Angular to React, our cohorts are prepped for it all while at school here. That is exactly why their final projects come out so incredibly and represent their individual passions and unique skill sets so well.

In March, CodeCraft graduated 10 awesome new developers, eight of those opted to record professional app demos of their final projects and they can be seen below.

Kevin Hoffman – GPXPress Visual GPS App “I made GPXPress to be able to display an elevation profile of a recorded GPS track… my web application takes the XML data and displays elevation graphs.” Kevin’s app can be used to record hikes, compare climbs and gamify the hiking experience, learn how here:

Becca Conklin – BeatBox “Really inspired by the gamification movement going on,” Becca created BeatBox, an app that allows every key on a user’s keyboard to play a sound and animation. The result is a visual and auditory delight that is fun to play with for hours. See it in action here:

Nathan Putnam – Project Management Tool “The reason I made [this app] is because at my last company I managed production at a number of factories in Asia and we did not have a project management solution. “ See all the utilities and functionality of Nathan’s app in his demo video:

Nate Maher – Return Fire “I made Return Fire because I love to make video games.” A shooting game kinda like Galaga. With different firing capabilities, enemies and levels, Return Fire provides near endless entertainment. Learn what tools, technologies and inspirations lead to Nate’s creation:

Priscilla Wang – Pure Fierce “I made Pure Fierce because I work out everyday and I know friends looking for private trainers…and private trainers looking for trainees, so I wanted to make a website like a dating website.” Using MySQL databases and other technologies she learned throughout the program, see if Pure Fierce can help you take your fitness goals to the next level:

Chad Loflin – Snowboard Match “The reason I built this app was one, I have a passion for the sport and hooking people up with the right equipment, but also I saw a need in the web arena – there wasn’t anything like this.” Chad’s final app pairs snowboarders with boards. Users enter specific data about themselves and the experience they want to have and Chad’s app makes gear recommendations based on those queries, see how here:

Oscar Peña – SMS Marketing App “I created a text messaging app [for a client] so that he would be able to interact with customers better… he can also measure [engagement] statistics.” That’s just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to Oscar’s app, learn more in his video:

Vasisht Shastry – Image Processing App “My application allows you to break images down and put them back together… I wrote this application because I am interested in image processing, applied math and integrating that with front and backend web development.” To see just how Vasisht’s app combines two images to make a brand new one, check out his app demo video now:

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