A Happy Hour Visit to Discuss Web Development Talent Needs Results Immediately in an Addition to our Curriculum [and new friends]!

Nowhere in the rapidly evolving tech industry do we see lightning fast innovation and continuous improvements more than in software and its development processes. To stay on the bleeding edge of technology and keep up with the most in-demand (and highest-paid) skills, CodeCraft always pays attention to the needs of the tech community.

While Uber disrupted the Taxi industry in 2009, and Netflix decimated Blockbuster and similar retailers with online streaming in 2007, local software startup, ShipCompliant has been digitally disrupting the wholesale liquor industry with process automation and compliance SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions since 2000.

Infact, their success has recently required them to move to a significantly larger office space, at the budding Flatiron Park tech center, just two blocks east from CodeCraft near 55th and Arapahoe.

When it comes to developing software and powerful – not to mention extremely reliable and secure – software and computer programs – ShipCompliant has been a shining leader locally and nationally for nearly two decades.



So, when ShipCompliant’s awesome crew of HR experts, senior software engineers and even their CTO invited CodeCraft’s Campus Director and Marketing Manager to their office happy hour and beer tasting [it was from Sanitas Brewery  and delicious] last Friday, June and Halie seized the opportunity.

While many great connections were made and ideas spawned, CodeCraft had one large, immediate reaction.

We asked ShipCompliant’s programmers, HR Director  and CTO what skills they wished more junior developer applicants possessed. The answer each gave was consistent: React.

For those who don’t know: React is an open-source JavaScript library which “gives you a template language and some function hooks to essentially render HTML.” Previously, as CodeCraft’s curriculum is derived around the MEAN stack, we taught only AngularJS, which is a complete Framework with more robust capabilities and applications used with JavaScript. It’s complexity can be unnecessary for some use cases and potentially cause problems when trying to scale.

Just one week after we visited ShipCompliant and heard about their continuous need for more React talent, our students will be taught those skills. By the time they hit the workforce our grads will be comfortable with the technology and prepared to use it in their remaining class projects and final portfolio app.

This is not to say CodeCraft will discontinue teaching the Angular Framework. Currently there is a heated Angular vs. React debate going on throughout the dev community. Both tools have their pros and cons, and now our curriculum covers them all.

This post by AirPair does a nice job comparing the two fairly, and explaining their organization’s struggle to decipher a clear choice.
(Spoiler Alert: They adopt Angular in the end, but it takes a tiebreaker.)

CodeCraft’s customers are both out students and the tech community.
To our students, courses and instruction make up their product and user experience. To the tech hiring community, CodeCraft’s graduates represent the same things. We continuously monitor and listen to feedback from both of our “customers” in order to quickly adapt to and meet changing requirements and objectives on both ends.

Our cofounder, Zach Daudert, stated it simply when asked if our programs graduates top talent: “We create great developers and fill employer needs, otherwise we don’t deserve to be in business. Plain and simple.”

… and business has been good.

As CodeCraft continues to grow and evolve, we will always keep our ears (and happy hours) open to feedback from the community and continuously work to improve and add value to our users. If you have questions on our curriculum development process, feedback on tech community needs or would like to learn more about enrolling at CodeCraft, contact us at info@codecraftschool.com.