For more than two years, CodeCraft School of Technology has been providing technology bootcamps designed to prepare students for careers in web development and user experience design. From the beginning, the CodeCraft team has been committed providing our students with a high quality education experience. As planned, we have kept our class sizes small and personalized. We also kept tuition affordable and below industry averages, investing heavily in career services, and making sure that job preparation was integrated throughout the programs.

As we haven’t yet found a sustainable model that doesn’t compromise our high standards, CodeCraft School has made the difficult decision to suspend enrollment for future cohorts while we consider different options.

We are grateful to our dedicated team who have devoted themselves to making CodeCraft the incredible school it is. We’re proud to have helped so many graduates prepare for technology jobs that will empower them the rest of their lives.

We are now focused on completing our current cohorts and supporting those students, including career support. As we consider the future of CodeCraft School, we are open to discuss possibilities with potential partners and other interested parties. You can reach our management team by emailing