What’s better than an affordable world-class coding school in Boulder, Colorado that prepares their students for a lucrative tech career in just 10-weeks? One that offers additional classes in a myriad of digital skills, for free!

One of the benefits unique to CodeCraft, is that we offer our students free classes at our partner organization Boulder Digital Arts (BDA). This is valuable in so many ways. It allows students to extend and customize their learning to suit their career goals and can really make them stand out to employers. “If you’re an employer and you get a stack of resumes from developers, you may just choose the one who also has some design skills, can use Adobe Photoshop or understands UX design principles,” says CodeCraft co-founder, Zach Daudert.

BDA has been empowering creative and digital professionals for over 12 years, offering classes in film/video, web/mobile, photography, design, and business/marketing. The wide range of topics and breadth and depth of content allows students to expand their skillset with complementary/supplementary knowledge to what they’re learning in CodeCraft’s coding bootcamps.

“I learned in one day what I’ve been working on for the last several months.”

BDA customer, Patty on 6/27/2016 about Adobe Lightroom Hands-On
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BDA offers high-impact, low-cost training in digital skills both online and in-person at the CodeCraft campus in Boulder. Students can take classes at any time on any subject in any sequence. As a non-academic organization, the sole focus of BDA is to provide great learning experiences that can be applied immediately to real-life opportunities.

CodeCraft is the only coding school that can offer this kind of benefit and we hope that our prospective students keep this in mind as they make the important decision on which coding school to attend. CodeCraft students can start taking BDA classes as soon as they enroll and up to 3 months after graduation!