Earlier this week, we hosted an expert panel discussion on the steps between graduating from a coding bootcamp and getting your first job. All three of our panelists are themselves coding bootcamp graduates, and also have worked in the “real world” as web developers using those skills they learned in their bootcamps.

We covered several questions regarding the process, including:

  • What was your experience going from graduation day to getting a job?
  • How prepared were you for the job search?
  • Were there any surprises in the interview process? Did interviewers stump you with questions you didn’t expect?
  • Did the companies you interviewed at want skills or experience you didn’t have? If so, how did you find a way to gain that experience/learn those skills?
  • How did your discussions about salary and benefits go?
  • What would you do differently this time around when job seeking (if applicable)?
  • How did you fit into your new role working on a team (if applicable)?
  • What were your daily duties at your first job?
  • What kind of job training/upskilling have you gotten (if any)?

We hold panel discussions like these at our Boulder campus on a regular basis as a benefit to our web development bootcamp students. We’re committed to helping our students not only master the skills they’re learning in their bootcamps, but to assist them in the job search process after it’s done as well. If you’d like to see videos of some of the talks we’ve given in the past, check out our YouTube channel. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in applying for a program yourself.