The final #CCLunchLearn of Cohort Number One was with Kendra Prospero, CEO and Founder of Turning the Corner, a company that ‘that works with job seekers to find a job you love and works with companies to help them find employees who love their job.”

Kendra came to CodeCraft’s campus and gave an impassioned talk on how recruiters look at resumes, why you may not be getting the interviews you want and how to answer the tough questions
This recap will go over the main bullet points Kendra outlined for our students:

  • You need N + 1 resumes 

    • N = the number of jobs you are applying for; 1 is your master copy.
    • Every resume you submit should be at least slightly altered for the job you are applying for. If you seriously want the job, you seriously need to customize. 
  • “If you are not hearing back from people, there is a problem with your resume.”

    • The problem for most resumes is often the focus. Don’t make your resume about you, but about how you are going to solve their organization’s problem(s). 
  • Resume readers go straight to what you have been doing recently.

    • “[Hiring managers] probably looked at your resume for about one minute, then you get placed in a pile – ‘to interview’ or ‘pass,’” Kendra said. It is important that your resume clearly and succinctly gets to what matters to the reader.
    • Kendra gave an example of how a CodeCraft student could well represent themselves –
      • CodeCraft Junior Developer
        + a description of what CodeCraft does in respect to the job they applying to now
        + a major project they completed and what skills it required 

  • Once you have an interview, understand the main goal: To be known, liked and trusted in 30 minutes or less.

    • Kendra explained that it is impossible to be fully known in this amount of time, so employers look for people who display “EQ,” or emotional intelligence
    • “For most people, emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important than one’s intelligence (IQ) in attaining success in their lives and careers. As individuals, our success and the success of the profession today depend on our ability to read other people’s signals and react appropriately to them.” (
    • You have to take your personality up a notch while remaining relevant, especially in a phone or video interview. “All tech is an energy ‘vampire’. It sucks the energy out of you,” Kendra said. It’s up to the candidate to make up for the dulling effect of an interview situation and liven the communication. 
  • When asked to “describe yourself,” do so in terms of the job you are interviewing for.

    • The phrase ‘tell me about yourself’ is not a time to talk astrological signs and favorite colors, it’s a time to come off as relevant and valuable to their business.
    • Answer the question in terms of what you bring to the business or organization you are applying for.
      • E.g. I bring three things to the table for this job… and The reason I applied for this position is… 
  • Understand what you need from a job and adhere to it.

    • Job placement is not just about finding a paycheck, it should be about finding an environment you will thrive in. If you need or want something from a position, focus on that when looking for possible positions.
    • You want to be a happy worker, and organizations want you to be one too. Align yourself with opportunities that will leave both parties pleased. 
  • Use the 15% Rule when negotiating salary.

    • In sales and salary negotiation, the very first price communicated is the “anchor price.” That price generally has wiggle room of about 15%.
    • When asked to name your salary requirements, Kendra recommends offering a range. The bottom of your range should be what you really need to ensure you land a position that will at least provide that.

Thanks so much again to Kendra Prospero for coming to CodeCraft to speak with our cohort. If you want to learn more from Kendra, follow her on twitter @TurnCornerLLC  or check out the Turning the Corner blog here. Make sure to stay tuned for more recaps on all the amazing guests that stop by CodeCraft to share their wealth of knowledge!