On the whole, the education system in the United States gets more criticism than praise. Today, I happily get to write about an example in Colorado that’s earned some praise. Adams county has built an educational program worth of attention from other districts.

Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC) is working hard to create career and college readiness for the 21st century by connecting academics to the working world. They have an array of programs built to get students skills they need in the ‘real world’.

The program itself is a great example of the ambition they teach.

Last week, CodeCraft was lucky enough to participate in their Backpacks to Briefcases event that directly introduces students to organizations in the communities around them. The professionals at the event are examples of potential pathways to success. (Including us! Even if we were still wearing backpacks.)

CodeCraft presented two workshops: “Find your future in tech” and “Why girls should go into tech”. In workshops like ours, students learn more about a potential career and get tips on “power skills”, a.k.a. soft skills.

Some of the students talk about what they gained from the event (cont’d below):

Students need more pathways to get honest, valuable information about the careers they’re considering. They also need outlets to learn emotional skills, which are often neglected. We can’t send enough praise to the ACEC for their efforts in this area.

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