The success of CodeCraft School of Technology is measured by the success of our students. We do what we can to prepare our students, not only in the curriculum we teach, but also by providing career services like helping students with identifying their career goals, interview advice and coaching, resume building and cover letter writing, as well as creating their portfolio of work with projects completed in class.

CodeCraft Career Services also includes teaching students the importance of optimizing their LinkedIn profiles, how to fully take advantage of job boards and make use of other career-centric resources.

We like to share success stories from time-to-time as a reminder of how 12 weeks in a CodeCraft technology bootcamp can change a person’s life. Here, three CodeCraft graduates tell about their transition from student to employee and what the process was like for them.

Patrick Ghidossi, a graduate of CodeCraft’s Full Stack Web Development bootcamp, told us he’s “pumped” to have landed an awesome new job as a junior front-end developer with a marketing agency in Lakewood, Colorado. Here’s what he wrote us:

“I wanted to let you know that, as of this morning, I’ve been hired as a junior front-end web developer with [a marketing agency] in Lakewood, Colorado. I start on Monday, I am so pumped!

At first I’ll primarily be writing unit and end-to-end tests for an existing Angular codebase that they’re working on, as well as helping the lead front-end developer with refactoring and bug fixes. Eventually they’re going to undertake a conversion to Angular 2. I’ll also be doing some work in WordPress as part of their web design arm.

A quick overview of the process: I applied on Indeed and then had an hour Google Hangout interview last week, which went well, and then I had an in-person, meet the crew interview yesterday that sealed the deal. They were impressed by the CodeCraft curriculum and my efforts to port my project to Angular 2 as well as my prior work experience, and I hit it off with the development team over lunch. I think my recent blog posts helped out as well.

I can’t thank you guys enough for the guidance, assistance, and motivation that you provided over the past few months. Utilizing the strategies you’ve given me certainly paid off.”


 Adam Belliveau is a graduate of the Full-Time Full Stack Web Development bootcamp. Adam landed a contract as a full stack developer with a local web development firm. He had this to say:

“Getting the job was pretty easy since CodeCraft provided me with the tools needed to ‘pass the audition’ as it were. Given a task to complete to prove my competence I was able to do so without difficulty. I’m working across the MEAN stack and learning a bunch of other technologies and libraries along the way. CodeCraft taught me to learn what I need from documentation and experimentation. While adapting to differences in the environment may be challenging at times, it is always exciting when I discover a cool new technique or method for overcoming an obstacle.”


Taylor Pasquariello, a graduate of our Part-Time Full Stack Web Development bootcamp, graduated in Jan 2017 and started working as a junior full stack developer at Spire Digital that same month! Taylor’s employment connection with Spire Digital was made through CodeCraft’s employer network. In his current role working as a full stack developer, he is using Backbone, Strongloop, Express and Mongo. He said, “The most important skills I am using from CodeCraft are problem solving skills.”

Taylor advice: “It’s all about connecting with people! I was able to get into my role because of connections I previously had. Make sure to go to meet-ups and other networking events so you can prove you are better than just your resume.”

There are many more stories where these came from and many in the making. Coding bootcamps change careers and change lives.


$10,500. This full-time intensive bootcamp is designed to get your career as a web developer started in just 12 weeks. You'll learn the JavaScript-based MEAN Stack. Learn more about the full-time web development program.


  • December 18th, 2017 - March 16th, 2018
  • March 12th - June 1st, 2018
  • May 29th - August 17th, 2018





$10,500. This 24-week part-time, evening and weekend schedule program is designed to prepare you for a career in web development while maintaining your current job or other commitments. Learn more about the part-time web development program.


  • 2018 Cohort Dates TBD





$8,900. This 20-week evening and weekend schedule bootcamp is designed to prepare you to be a Junior UX Designer! Learn more about our UX design program.


  • March 5th, 2018 - July 21st, 2018