If you’re like many graphic designers and creatives today, your skills are likely either underutilized or under appreciated. Meanwhile, the tech industry is seeing fantastic job growth.

There’s More to Tech Than Just Coding

If you’ve ever wanted to work in tech but not abandon your creative and aesthetic skills then you should consider a career in User Experience Design (UX Design). You don’t have to be a coder to be part of the future of technology!

What is User Experience Design?

Simply put, UX Design is the way someone experiences a product or service. Think about the way you love some apps and loathe others or struggle to use some products but your favorite things are completely intuitive. The better the user experience, the more you’ll use it, buy it and recommend it to friends. That’s why a growing number of companies are embracing UX Design at the highest levels of their businesses. Learn more about UX Design and why it matters.

So, it’s no surprise that UX Designers are in very high demand. In fact, UX Designer is rated as one of the top 11 jobs in America for 2017 by CBS MoneyWatch. PayScale reports that the average salary of a graphic designer in the US of $41,000. Compare that to the average salary of a UX Designer which is $74,000. It gets better! According to the Creative Group Salary Guide, the average salary for UX designers with one to three years of experience ranges from $49,000 to $75,000. Those with three to five years of experience can expect to make $71,250 to $97,250.

UX design is a modern career fit for professionals who come from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds such as graphic design, coding, product design, psychology or many others. Some key attributes of a great UX designer are empathy, curiosity, problem solving, and being able to communicate complicated concepts clearly to others.

20 Weeks To A Lucrative UX Design Career

CodeCraft’s 20-week UX Design bootcamp is a part-time, evening and weekend schedule so you can learn the new skills required to pursue a career in User Experience Design while maintaining your current job and commitments. Our unique program was crafted by world-class UX experts who’ve worked with cutting-edge tech companies like Google and Samsung.

The bootcamp is designed to expose you to the entire UX design process while working on a real-world project for a real client. You’ll graduate ready to be hired into a junior UX designer role.

Free BDA Classes

In addition, all CodeCraft students can take FREE classes at our partner organization, Boulder Digital Arts before, during and three months after graduating which allows you to customize your learning around your specific goals and stand out to employers after graduation.

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What is UX Design and Why Does it Matter?

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