CodeCraft School of Technology offers cutting-edge technology “bootcamps” designed for rapid career transformation. CodeCraft was started by the founders of Boulder Digital Arts who’ve been providing digital skills training for over 12 years.

Part-Time Instructor – UX Design

We are currently looking for an experienced UX designer to lead our part-time UX design bootcamp at CodeCraft School in Boulder. This is a contractor position that is a perfect opportunity for the right individual who has a passion for UX design and would like to give back and share their knowledge with up-and-coming UX’ers. The bootcamp is offered roughly twice per year and is held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9pm as well as every other Saturday. Your schedule will vary based on the week’s schedule. Many of the Saturday sessions are taught by other CodeCraft or Boulder Digital Arts instructors.

About the Role and Responsibilities:

  • As the lead instructor you’ll be responsible for leading the class and delivering our core curriculum while collaborating with our group of mentors who created this course. You’ll lead every class, delivering the curriculum, addressing any student concerns, maintaining our record keeping for students including grades and attendance.
  • Candidates should be prepared to commit to teaching this course on a regular, ongoing basis roughly twice per year.
  • Responsible for welcoming students to their program at both the beginning of online prework (via Google Hangout, etc.) as well as the start of in-person classes.
  • Time commitment is approximately 20-25 hours per week. This varies week-to-week based on student needs and when there are Saturday sessions taught by this person.
  • Provide regular assistance for admissions and enrollment including evaluating applicants with the help of the admissions team, attending open houses and events (both virtual and in-person), answering pre-enrollment questions and being a representative of the UX program in the community.
  • Assist careers services team in placing graduates by helping to identify relevant junior UX designer opportunities, build our employer network and advocate for graduates looking to be hired.
  • Work with mentors to schedule appropriate times for their inclusion into each cohort including advising students on projects, panel discussions and guest speaking.
  • Continually refine and improve curriculum to maintain its relevancy and respond to student and hiring community feedback. Note: this process will generally happen during the “breaks” between cohorts that are generally two weeks plus the first 4x weeks of the course which is online prework.

What We’re Looking For:
The ideal candidate for our Lead UI/UX Instructor will have a unique combination of strong UI/UX design skills and a great passion for teaching. Excellent project management skills and classroom management experience are a must for this role.

Our Commitment:
We are committed to providing the highest quality learning environment and outcomes in the industry. We keep our class sizes considerably smaller than the average, and provide our students free access to a wide range of relevant evening workshops through our sister company Boulder Digital Arts, and promote peer-to-peer support and collaboration among students with social events.


  • This is a part-time contractor-based position.
  • Competitive hourly compensation based on experience and requirements.

How To Apply:
Send us an email with your resume and cover letter to Please indicate the job title in the subject line and include in the email your salary requirements. All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

Instructor – JavaScript-based Full Stack Web Development

The perfect candidate for our Lead Instructor position will have a unique combination of not only being an experienced developer, but also have a passion for teaching. You will be the lead instructor for each of our 12-week-long coding programs. We also want you to stay engaged in the technologies you teach so we encourage our instructors to continue working on their own projects, contributing to open source projects, and attending industry events.

Responsibilities Overview

  • Work with program applicants to evaluate their existing skills and overall aptitude/suitability for a career in programming.
  • Develop curriculum and refine constantly to meet the needs of students, the market and adapt to the latest technologies and techniques.
  • Lead lectures and class activities and support students during project work.
  • Organize and manage a team of coding mentors.
  • Collaborate with our careers team in placing graduates into jobs or internships.
  • Ensure that your students stay motivated, inspired, and keep up on learning objectives and class exercises/projects.


  • At least 5 years of Javascript-based full-stack web development using Angular.js (or similar), Node.js and Mongo DB.
  • Professional and self-guided. You are ultimately responsible for ensuring a great experience for all the students!
  • Demonstrable mastery of the following tools/technologies: HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, MongoDB, APIs, AWS, Git, and TDD.
  • Passionate about sharing your knowledge with aspiring developers, and committed to engaging students and helping them through the difficult learning process.
  • High EQ (emotional intelligence).
  • Some background in teaching and/or mentoring.

What We’re All About
In our industry the tools and technologies change constantly. Therefore, it’s vital for us to teach our students how to be a programmer rather than a master of a particular technology. We teach our students how to think like an experienced programmer so they are successful in crafting elegant solutions to any application requirement regardless of the current state of tools and technology. We believe in learning by doing and working on real-world projects that build skill and a portfolio of work for our students to show to prospective employers. We promote open source tools and technologies and instill in our students a sense of appreciation for all the contributions that have been made to these projects with a desire to contribute where they can. We keep our class sizes considerably smaller than the average, provide our students access to a wide range of relevant evening workshop and promote peer-to-peer support and collaboration among students with shared housing and social events.


  • Competitive, full-time developer salary.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Chance to work with an awesome team in a fun and engaging environment while changing the lives of your students.

How To Apply
Send us an email to

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

Assistant Instructor – Full-Stack Web Development

CodeCraft School of Technology is hiring a part-time Assistant Instructor for our full-time full-stack web development program. The program is twelve weeks long, and focuses on JavaScript, using Mongo, Express, Node, and a front-end framework (Vue).


  • Be comfortable teaching introductory JavaScript
  • Created a full-stack project using a front end framework such as: Vue, React, or Angular
  • Compassion, empathy and patience for new learners
  • Ability to teach macOS operating system basics
  • Available on flexible schedule for events, late study sessions, etc.
  • Prior mentoring or teaching experience is a plus

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Communicating with beginner students
    • Guiding them through the bootcamp process
    • Communicating goals and expectations
    • Practicing and providing challenges
    • Giving feedback on assignments and presentations
  • Being prepared to teach a lesson in the event of lead instructor absence
  • Designing curriculum and building resources for our class like quizzes and handouts
  • Attending events and meetups hosted by CodeCraft
  • Assist in event setup and teardown

We’re looking for someone who

  • Is well organized and able to quickly read code to find problems
  • Is comfortable giving constructive feedback to fledgling programmers
  • Gives open and honest communication, and is not afraid to both push and support students as needed to help ensure their success
  • Can step in and teach the class if the lead instructor is unable to make it to work
  • Creates a sense of comfort for the students, is able to build community with each cohort

We’re offering competitive compensation based on experience.

Additionally, you’ll have a very flexible schedule most days. In fact, we’d prefer someone who wants to come in late and stay into the evening when needed to help the students with their homework after the lead instructor has left.

We’re a relatively small startup (currently ~6-10 employees).  While the company atmosphere generally feels ‘laid back’ – we are ‘outcomes focused’.  In that sense, we are looking for someone who’s comfortable taking charge of tasks and making sure things get done.

How To Apply Send us an email to All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines


Passionate about coding and technology? Want to help aspiring coders and be a leader in the local programming community? Apply to be a mentor to our students by emailing us Please tell us a bit about your background and why you’d be interested in being a CodeCraft School mentor.