What is a coding bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are unique educational programs designed to teach individuals who are new to technology how to become a programmer or UX design professional in a very short period of time. Bootcamps are generally characterized by their immersive and intensive nature as well as their emphasis on practical skills. CodeCraft School currently offers three different bootcamps: a full-time, 12-week JavaScript-based Full Stack Web Development bootcamp, a part-time, 24-week evening and weekend schedule version of our Full Stack Web Development bootcamp, and a 20-week, part-time, night and weekend schedule UX Design bootcamp.

Who is this for? What type of person attends a coding bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are perfect for highly motivated individuals looking to launch a career as a programmer. However, they take a great deal of commitment and sacrifice.

Many students are college graduates who are looking for better opportunities and more relevant, modern skills. Below is a great article from Bloomberg on this topic.

Bloomberg: Nice Ivy League Degree. Now if You Want a Job, Go to Code School

Why would I pay to attend an in-person coding bootcamp like CodeCraft when I can learn the same things online?

This is a great question and it really gets to the core of the value an in-person coding bootcamp offers students. It’s true that there are really good online resources to learn everything we teach (and then some). This is a perfectly viable option for many people, however, there are many important advantages to an in-person bootcamp program that you should consider carefully.

The fact of the matter is that self-guided learning is slow. If you’ve ever experimented with online learning you know that your attention and focus is simply not the same as an in-person experience. Because of this greatly enhanced focus, our specially designed curriculum, along with the support from our instructors, mentors and your student peers, you will learn a lot more in a shorter time frame. That means you’ll reach your goals quicker – whether that’s a new career or creating your own app, or both.

Personalized Help When You Need It
Learning technical skills can be hard. It’s very easy to get stuck for days debugging code or wrapping your head around an abstract programming concept. Having experienced instructors and teacher’s assistants available who can get you over these hurdles quickly, is a huge benefit and really keeps you from being lost or getting demoralized. A lot of people give up on coding because they get stuck on something small. Our teaching staff and mentors are always here for you at CodeCraft and often work with our students in the evenings and on weekends to make sure you’re keeping up and learning everything you need to know.

Throughout your bootcamp you’ll work on solo projects and team projects. If you’re learning web development, you’ll also do pair programming. Not only is this a more fun and engaging way to learn, it also prepares you better for a real-world job where collaboration, communication, and the ability to work in teams is essential.

Building Your Portfolio of Work
Employers want to see what you can do. The best way to demonstrate your skills is a portfolio of projects you’ve completed. Our bootcamps are designed so that you complete at least two major projects during your program. While it’s certainly possible to design or code projects on your own, the support of your peers, mentors and instructors is invaluable to creating something you’re truly proud of.

In-person bootcamps provide tons of opportunities for building your professional network. In addition to making connections with your fellow students, CodeCraft hosts a variety of guest speakers from the industry that provide you with a variety of perspectives and additional networking opportunities. Also, you’ll be invited to a variety of great meetups and local tech events that Boulder is famous for, including many that we host and sponsor.

Career Services
Finally throughout your bootcamp and after graduation you’ll have the support of our Career Services team who are dedicated to preparing you for a career that aligns with your goals. You’ll also be provided with a wealth of resources, regular employer network updates and a comprehensive post-graduation video curriculum that teaches you how to successfully create a strategy for your job search as well as important tips and techniques for this process. Click here to read more about our career services.

How experienced are your instructors?

We have some of the most experienced instructors around. They have been practicing their craft for a very long time and have a passion for teaching. Unlike some of the other schools, we don’t hire our graduates to be our lead instructors. However, we’ve found that some of the best teaching assistants are those who have successfully graduated from a bootcamp, and excelled within it. In addition to knowing the material, they deeply understand what our students are going through because they’ve been there themselves.

You can read more about our team here.

Do you help me get a job?

At CodeCraft School, we’re committed to the success of our students, and want the best possible outcomes for them. First and foremost we design our programs to teach practical skills that employers are looking for. During the program we incorporate career prep including mock interviews and complimentary professional head shots. After graduation our career services team works with graduates to provide opportunities to network with industry professionals, connect them to great job opportunities leads from our employer network and provide a wide range of post-graduation resources and content to help them create an effective job search strategy.

Everyone at CodeCraft is dedicated to helping our graduates achieve their career goals. However, we can’t help graduates unless they’re actively and effectively searching for employment. Ultimately, each graduate needs to be engaged and maintain communication with our career services team in order to reap the benefits of these services. Our placement rating is based on graduates actively seeking employment, who remain in contact with CodeCraft staff, and who gain employment in relevant fields.

Learn more about our extensive career services here.

What type of salary should I expect for my first job after graduation?

As you would imagine the answer to this question varies and depends on many factors including your role (web developer, UX designer, etc.), exact nature of the job, the size and scale of the company you’re working for, the geographic location of the job, etc. However, there is no doubt that technology jobs are financially lucrative and very in-demand.

We always try to set very realistic expectations. In our area, starting salaries typically range between $45,000 and $70,000 per year depending upon your background, skill level and the size of the company. Of course, your salary and responsibilities can grow significantly as you gain skills and work experience.

Another great reference for information on bootcamp graduates is Course Report. Their 2016 Outcomes & Demographics Study reports that the average annual salary for bootcamp graduates to be $66,887.

How do I prepare and what do I need to know before applying? Do I need existing skills to be successful in your bootcamps?

For Web Development Programs
Our web development programs are designed to prepare students for a junior-level position with no prior industry education or experience. In order to accomplish this, we must be very selective in the students we accept into our program. Successful applicants demonstrate a combination of technical aptitude, motivation and the ability to learn at the accelerated pace of the program. In addition, students who enroll are provided complimentary access to our proprietary pre-work system where they are expected to complete a number of pre-work courses including basic Macintosh computer skills, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s critical that you complete the pre-work in order to be successful in the programs and learn at the accelerated pace of our bootcamps!

For UX Design Programs
While the are no particular required skills necessary to attend and succeed in this program there are “character” attributes that are very helpful including empathy and an interest in solving problems. The perfect candidates are individuals who have existing expertise, professional backgrounds, life experience or a degree that can be a foundation for your new UX design skills. User experience is a practice that borrows from and lend to a variety of other disciplines. For example, if you’re an experienced graphic designer struggling to stay relevant in the job market, adding UX design skills makes you extremely attractive to employers because of the way you can leverage your design/aesthetic experience into your UX design projects. This holds true for coding, product design, psychology and more.

Please read our page on the admissions process for complete details.

How do I apply, what is the application process?

Our coding bootcamps are intense and accelerated. All prospective students must apply to attend and we only accept students who we believe have an excellent chance of success learning at the accelerated pace and becoming a successful coder or UX designer. Click here to read complete details on our admissions process.

Click here to start your application today!

How many students are in the classes? What is your student to instructor ratio? Will I get individualized attention?

We limit our “cohorts” to 18-20 students which is well below the industry average. We do this to ensure that every student has plenty of one-on-one time with our instructors and mentors so they get the most value out of the program, and so that we can truly get to know each of our students as individuals as we help guide them toward their new careers.

Large classes have both a primary instructor as well as an assistant instructor. In addition, there are mentors available for one-on-one help when you need it.

Why are you teaching only JavaScript instead of Ruby on Rails or PHP or other languages?

First and foremost, we see many in the industry moving swiftly to an all-JavaScript approach so we’re teaching tools and technologies that are most likely to be used at your new job. JavaScript is taking off and the growth of the language keeps accelerating.

Secondly, there is the practical reason that it is simply easier and more efficient for our students to learn one language rather than two or more when getting started. One of the great things about JavaScript is that it can be used to write both client side and server side code.

In the world of web development, the tools and technologies change constantly. Therefore, we’re passionate about teaching our students how to be a programmer rather than simply mastering a particular technology or language. We teach our students how to think like an experienced programmer so they are successful in crafting elegant solutions to any application requirement regardless of the current state of tools and technology.

All that said, we recommend that our students eventually learn another language such as Ruby, Python or PHP since those are used in so many places. The reality is that once you really understand and become proficient in one language, learning another is vastly easier since most modern programming languages are fairly similar and the fundamental constructs are universal.

Why do you teach the Vue.js framework instead of Angular.js or React.js?

Angular.js, React.js and Vue.js are all JavaScript frameworks that function in similar ways to accomplish similar things. At CodeCraft we teach Vue.js because it’s a simpler framework which helps our students to better grasp the concepts at our accelerated pace. In addition, we’re seeing more companies using other frameworks like React.js instead of Angular.js. Vue.js is “halfway between” Angular.js and React.js which provides our students the most flexibility to adapt to whatever framework is being used at the company they are hired into after graduation.

What kind of person is an ideal candidate for a career in UX design?

User experience (UX) design is great for people who are interested in solving problems and being advocates for users.

Have you ever been frustrated when attempting to accomplish something on a website? Maybe you were directed to the wrong page or a form “lost” all your information? Perhaps the shipping charges surprised you at the last step of a lengthy checkout process? UX designers work to solve these type of issues – you literally improve the experience of the user!

UX design can be viewed as the “human” side of the technology. It’s an ideal career path for anyone who wants to be involved in tech, but not as a pure coder. Some key attributes of a great UX designer are empathy, curiosity, problem solving, and being able to communicate complicated concepts clearly to others.

What does the demand for UX designers look like?

According to The Creative Group (part of the Robert Half recruiting agency), “User experience designer. It’s one of the most in-demand creative industry jobs right now”.

In 2015, CNN projected the 10-year job growth for user experience designers to be 18%.

A 2014 study conducted by the Design Management Institute, a Boston-based non-profit focused on design management, discovered that design has a significant impact on a company’s success, and says, “Results show that over the last 10 years design-led companies have maintained significant stock market advantage, outperforming the S&P by an extraordinary 228%.” Some well-known examples of “design-led” companies include Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, Nike, and Starbucks

What is your refund policy?

Generally speaking, any refunds are proportional to the number of classes you’ve attended. So, if you’re halfway through the program (at week 5), your refund would be about 50% of tuition paid. In addition, we offer full refunds to all customers who withdraw within 3 business days of enrolling.

For details, please read our complete refund policy in our catalog.

How much is tuition?

CodeCraft School strives to keep our bootcamps affordable while maintaining the highest standards and outcomes. As such, our tuition is consistently lower than most in-person bootcamps. Our Part-Time Full Stack Web Development bootcamp costs $10,500. Our Part-Time UX Design bootcamp costs $8,900. Our Full-Time Full Stack Web Development bootcamp costs $10,500.

Do you offer discounts to students who attend more than one bootcamp?

Yes we do! We provide a 20% discount off tuition for students who attend a second (or other subsequent) bootcamps.

Example: If you attend our Full-Time Full Stack Web Development bootcamp, your tuition for that first program would be $10,500. If you choose to further develop your skills by attending our UX Design bootcamp which has a base tuition of $8,900 you’d automatically receive a 20% discount which would make your tuition $7,120.

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

Yes! We also offer a variety of financing options that you can read about on this page. Our full-time students can even include living expenses into their loans while attending our bootcamps!

Do you offer any type of sponsorship for international students?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the means to sponsor international students traveling from outside of the United States at this time but we are looking into that possibility for the future. We hope that we can offer that to individuals like yourself sometime soon and we’ll be sure to follow-up with you if we do.

How Do I Take Free Classes at Boulder Digital Arts

Once your tuition has been paid, CodeCraft students are eligible for all Boulder Digital Arts lecture-style workshops, hands-on classes and OnDemand video classes for free up to three months before your cohort begins, and for up to three months after the last day of your cohort! In addition, BDA offers CodeCraft students a 25% discount on registration for any of their Certificate Programs during the same time period. Once you qualify for the free classes you’ll be issued unique BDA “discount codes” that you can use to register yourself through the BDA website. Since many of BDA’s Hands-On classes are limited to 8-10 students, in some cases there is a limit to how many CodeCraft students may register for the same date of those types of classes.

Learn more about this benefit in this short article.

What does a typical day look like?

Our bootcamp is intensive and immersive. There’s a lot to learn in a relatively short period of time. In our full-time programs you’ll be spending about 40 hours a week in class or working on projects during the program itself. In addition we recommend you commit another 5-20 hours per week to working on your projects or practicing what you’ve learned outside of class. For our part-time program there are 14-20 weeks of in-person classes scheduled Monday through Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9pm, Saturdays from 9am to 5pm, and you are expected to dedicate another 3-15 hours a week to practice and projects.

Each day is a mix of lectures and practicing what you learned by building actual web applications or solving real-world problems with UX design. Throughout the program we also bring in our career services team to help you build a professional network, coach you on interviewing skills and help you build a post-graduation strategy for finding a job that meets your goals. In addition, we invite guest lectures from the industry to provide their perspective, advice and extra dimensions to the program.

But, you can’t be in Boulder without immersing yourself into all that this incredible city has to offer! So, we organize lots of fun excursions in the evenings and weekends. We’ll go on hikes, eat at fantastic local restaurants, enjoy local beer and attend some of the myriad of startup and tech events.

Do I need my own computer? What else do I need?

Yes, students are required to bring their own Apple Mac laptop computer. Generally speaking any Mac laptop that is less than 3 years old should be perfect for the program. If you have a Mac outside this spec, we’ll discuss its suitability during our interview after you apply. Or you can email us with any questions about your computer at any time.

Students of CodeCraft School can take advantage of Apple’s educational pricing which offers significant discount off retail prices!

It’s also possible to include the cost of a computer into most of our financing options.

Why do you require me to use an Apple laptop?

Having all of our students standardized on the same operating system/platform allows our classes to be much more quick and efficient. In our fast-paced, intensive bootcamps your time is extremely valuable and we don’t want to waste any of it on unnecessary technology friction. Also, for almost all developers using open-sourced technology, Macs are commonly the tool of choice. Working in a UNIX-based environment is a huge asset. The open source and web development communities are invested in tools and libraries that work with Apple’s OS X. In short, using a Mac best prepares our students to work in the development industry. And finally, using a Mac is a great experience and we want all our students to be using the very best tool for their job particularly since you’ll be spending so much time with it!