Codecraft’s outstanding graduates have given us some outstanding reviews on Course Report, an important guide to the coding bootcamp world.

Affordable and Impactful

CodeCraft is one Colorado's most affordable yet top-rated coding schools. Our team has over 13 years experience teaching digital skills and we’re committed to helping our students improve their lives by transforming their careers.

Free BDA Classes

Free classes at our partner organization, Boulder Digital Arts, allowing you to extend and customize your learning to suit your interests and add important supplementary skills to be more attractive to employers.

Career Focused

We're focused on accelerated career transformation. We teach you practical skills that reflect the needs of employers. We also help you prepare for the job search with industry connections, job search strategy, interviewing and soft skills training, professional headshot photos and more.

World-Class Instruction

Our instructors are industry experts who are passionate about what they teach and love to share their knowledge. Also, our class sizes are small so there's plenty of one-on-one time with teachers and mentors.

Latest Tools & Technology

We are constantly refining our curriculum to reflect the needs of our employer partners so that you can be assured you're learning the latest industry tools and technology.

Boulder Rocks + Housing

Boulder has one of the most vibrant tech scenes in the country. It has a higher density of start ups than Silicon Valley so it's a great place to start a tech career. Also, we've arranged for affordable housing for enrolled students.